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ISO Block, Insulated Block

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Crane Blocks - ISO Block, Insulated Block

Miller ISO Block insulated blocks use Miller ISO Link technology to block off electrical currents. Miller ISO Blocks can be configured for AC or DC applications.

The primary AC application involves personnel protection from electrocution during crane operations near live power lines. In case of contact with a power line by the wire line, the crane boom, or the load, ground personnel in contact with the load are at high risk. 

DC applications include various industrial processes requiring containment of process electrical currents to avoid damage to crane controls or degradation of the wire rope. Examples include metal smelting processes, electric arc welding on suspended workpieces, and numerous electrolytic processes. 

Miller ISO Block products integrate Miller crane blocks of any type with Miller’s ISO/Link insulating links. Additional detail for each can be found on their respective pages on this website. Custom designs are frequently required.