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ISO/LINK-AC Power Line Safety

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Load Insulating Products - ISO/LINK-AC Power Line Safety

ISO/Link-AC®ï¸insulating links protect workers from the leading cause of electrical injury in the workplace, accidental contact with power lines during crane operations. Made of durable, high-performance materials, ISO/Link-AC®ï¸insulating links are rated for 25,000 AC volts and tested to 50,000 AC volts. Permanently sealed construction prevents the absorption of moisture or contaminants. A low-profile steel interlocking matrix ensures reliable performance under the most demanding conditions. Designed for use in construction, refineries, utility work, and various manufacturing applications, Miller AC insulating links employ a tough polyurethane dielectric that surpasses natural rubber in durability and electrical resistance. Available standard to working loads of 60 tons with a design safety factor of 5:1. Higher voltage ratings are availabe on a make to order basis.