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Mobile Crane, Reeve-Thru

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Crane Blocks -Mobile Crane, Reeve-Thru

The Reeve-Thru™ design of Miller Mobile Crane blocks allows easy passage of the wire rope without removal of the end fitting, for quicker changeover. Lifting capacities of 15 to 80 tons with sheave sizes to 24″ outside diameter. Design factor 4:1 minimum. 

  • Top quality forged hooks, single or duplex made to rigorous and highly detailed DIN15400 German standards
  • Heavy duty cast steel sheaves to 24″ in diameter for up to 1 1/4″ diameter wire ropes provide strength and overhaul weight
  • Sheaves run on low friction, full complement double row cylindrical roller bearings providing high stabiltiy under varying fleet angles
  • Fitted and bolted steel plate construction with extended opening under sheaves for easy, Reeve-Thru™ reeving
  • Sheaves are individually lubricated via channels internal to the sheave pin, with a dedicated lube fitting for the hook bearing